transforming lives...

One Step at a Time through Forgiveness, Healing, and Restoration

At My Father's House of Freedom our goal is to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to promoting a healthy environment that will enable participants to face their addiction, understand reasons and causes for their addiction, and create a plan of action to be healthy and responsible to self and family. As a Christian recovery ministry our objective is to take men who at one time were burdens to society because of their addictions and help them to develop a healthy sense of self in order to build a productive lifestyle.

The foundation of our ministry is a spiritual twelve step program. This spiritual journey is a personal guide to understanding, to rediscovering, and deepening the spiritual part of oneself while showing them how to live according to the guidance of God. Residents discover that the basic part of their problem is the void or despair felt as the result of ignoring or rejecting their relationship with Jesus Christ.