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     My Father’s House of Freedom, Inc.
     501(c)3 tax-exempt ministry
     P.O. Box 16877
     Jackson, MS 39236
     Phone: 601-354-0950
     Fax: 601-354-3778


Reaching out to men who are trapped in the bondage of addiction to drugs or suffering in the throes of alcoholism;

Showing them that abstinence alone is not the solution and that the real solution comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ;

Walking through all the strongholds with each man as they arise;

Guiding these men to recognize and change the behaviors that keep them trapped in bondage;

Providing a safe, healthy home for the men to live in while they are slowly changing their thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs;

Helping them through the mental barriers that have blocked them from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; and

Equipping them to go back out into society ready and able to share and witness to the grace, mercy, and power of God through the changes He made in their lives through Jesus Christ.

• Personal Development and Life Changing Skill
• Bible Study
• Financial Management
• Spiritual Awareness & Accountability
• Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution
• Forgiveness Small Group Counseling
• Spiritual Twelve-Steps Program
• AA/NA Meetings

Our Board of Directors

Mark Perdue

Executive Director

Maria Hamblin

Board Member

Keith Barnes

Board Member

Lynda Hardin

Board Member

Ray Sanders

Board Member

Malcolm Woody

Board Member

Bruce Wimberley

Board Member / House Pastor

MY FATHER’S HOUSE OF FREEDOM, INC., A Christian Recovery Home for Men, is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt ministry that was founded in March, 1998 as a vision to reach out to men who are trapped by their addiction to drugs and/or alcoholism, and to provide a safe, healthy home while exposing them to the grace, mercy, and power of God.  We have two homes located at 826 North West Street in Jackson, Mississippi, The Dell Barnett House and the Jim Hitt House.  We currently have the capacity to house up to twenty-three men.

A resident is expected to make a minimum commitment of six months.  New residents are required to pay an admittance fee with the submission of an application.  There is also a weekly fee that covers additional household expenses. We also provide assistance by helping the men find employment so they can meet their expense obligations.

Our goal is to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to promoting a healthy environment that will enable participants to face their addiction, understand reasons and causes for their addiction, and create a plan of action to be healthy and responsible to self and family.

Residents are required to attend AA/NA meetings weekly. There are also in-house bible studies, personal development, life changing skills, spiritual awareness and accountability group sessions, family mediation, job skill development, placement, and conflict resolution. Resident attendance for all meetings is mandatory.

Residents of My Father’s House of Freedom are supervised, but the responsibility for their recovery, as well as their spirituality, is in their hands.  We will help each man on an individual basis, but at no time will we enable anyone to obtain assistance from us that will lead him back to his former habits.

Most of all, we at My Father’s House of Freedom believe all this can be accomplished through a healthy spiritual and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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